From the recording The Pettying Zoo

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Quincy AKA: The Tin Foil Hat Man

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skipping down bay front
in tight tattered tights
two world powers hang over your head
two more hours and you'll be fed
your moldable metal shines and protects

this tin the color that fits your mold
starts lies about you being
six million years old

pearly pearl whites
and your wavy black hair
gives us all delight
as we stand and we stare
your world is greater than a wonderful dream
though i had you in mine once
on my soccer team

sadness is not your skipping
sadness is not your mind
i love you completely
the thing that you do
i love you completely
appreciate you
though i can't, i can't, i can't
grasp your mind

from aliens that line in an alternate world
told to change history
told to be bold