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Three Forty Two

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three forty two was the time
we'd always cherish together
holding hands and wedding bands
on mauna kea's top
sleeping on the edge of an active volcano
these memories are so vivid in my mind

looking at pictures drunk
feels as if you're here with me
looking at pictures drunk
these tears to be free
these tears to be alone

meeting at the japanese garden
ran away from home again
taco bell and power puffs
on the couch alone at ten
sneaking into the hilton
we got thrown out again
watching sunsets in kona
and sip on soup with me

a red head for a new year
then blonde for the summer
hot tubs and whiskey a cheap motel
and don't forget sizzler
eating for hours in a rotating restaurant
could've been a bit cheap
stare in your eyes, it made me whole

three forty two was the time
we always cherished together
three forty two was the time
i wish it lasted forever